SAWIP is very happy to alert you to the selection of Imaad Isaacs to the South Africa-Washington International Programme 2014 Team. SAWIP is helping to inspire, develop and support a new generation of South African servant leaders with integrity who will make South Africa a strong, sustainable and prosperous democracy for all.

Date: 20-23 May 2014
Venue: Kramer Quad, Kramer Building, Middle Campus
RSVP: Norma Derby, by email to norma.derby@uct.ac.za or by telephone to 021 650 3491/5488

Welcome to the department

Mathematics underlies the rise of science and technology, and is also a very interesting area of study in its own right. Its pursuit is the rigorous study of patterns: in geometry, in time and space, in nature, in physics, in biology, in industry and commerce,and even in patterns themselves.

Mathematics is essential for a high level career not only in science and engineering, but also in many branches of biology, medicine, commerce, and industry. Our Department trains students to international standards, and carries out international level research in both pure and applied mathematics. We invite you to join in this quest for understanding, whether it be in computational mechanics, industrial mathematics, gravitation theory and cosmology, biological modelling, financial modelling, or a study of mathematics as a subject itself.

The size and shape of the department

Our department features over 35 permanent, full time, members of academic staff

A high number of our academic staff members hold a rating of the National Research Foundation (NRF) and several of them are internationally recognised as leading experts in their respective fields.

Each year we teach over 5000 students from a wide variety of departments and faculties and about 50 postgraduate students are trained in our department.

Our outreach programs to thousands of high school students in the Western Cape (the UCT Mathematics Competition, the UCT Mathematical Circle, Olympiad training programmes and the quarterly magazine Mathematical Digest) provide opportunities for promising young mathematicians to discover their mathematical potential, and encourage them to pursue careers in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics.

Seminar Talks & Lectures

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A call for applicants for 3 PhD Fellowships for 2014

Tutor Applications for 2014
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