Mathematical Olympiad Publications

The UCT Department of Mathematics offers a range of publications for high school students interested in preparing for mathematical competitions and Olympiads (including the Inter-Provincial Mathematics Olympiad, the South African Mathematics Olympiad, the Pan African Mathematics Olympiad and the International Mathematical Olympiad.

Introductory level

A Mathlete's Training Guide, by David Jacobs
A book of introductory problem solving skills for mathematics competitions.

Mathematical Digest, edited by Professor John Webb
This quarterly magazine for South African high schools includes regular reports on competitions and Olympiads in different parts of the world, as well as puzzles and problems with cash and calculator prizes.

UCT Mathematics Competition, edited by Professor John Webb
Annual mathematics competition for schools in the Western Cape, from grades 8 to 12.
Question parers, solutions, statistics and award winners.

Advanced level

South Africa and the IMO
This annual publication contains the full record of the South African Talent Search and training camps leading up to the International Mathematical Olympiad and Pan African Mathematics Olympiad.

This is required reading for all students who compete seriously in any national Mathematics Olympiad, and for any aspirant IMO or PAMO team member. It is also an invaluable source of ideas for those who want to set up Olympiad study groups.

Olympiad Training Notes

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