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UCT Mathematics Competition


Competition Director

Professor J H Webb (UCT)

Problems Committee

Dr T Craig (UCT)
Mr F du Preez (Parklands College)
Mrs M Kirova (UCT)
Mr C Murison

Mrs M Naidoo (Parklands College)
Mrs B Poulter
Mrs R Rix (UCT)
Dr Haris Skokos (UCT)
Mr T van Heerden (Chairman) (UCT)
Professor J H Webb (UCT)

Afrikaans translation

Mr F du Preez (Parklands College)
Dr J J Conradie (UCT)

Mr R Moolman (UCT)



Dr E Fredericks (UCT)

Prof C R A Gilmour (UCT)
Prof Nic Heideman (UCT)
Dr H Laurie (UCT)
Dr B Osano (UCT)
Mr K Rafel (UCT)
Dr A Schauerte (UCT)


Mr N Eddy (Wynberg Boys' High School)

Administration and text production

Mrs A Willis-Thomas (UCT)

Website and software

Mr I Webb, (j5 International)


Department of Science and Technology
Capitec Foundation
Oxford University Press
j5 International