Mathematics in high school is almost exclusively concerned with calculating and computing. At university level (and beyond), however, mathematics – more precisely called pure mathematics, is increasingly abstract. Numbers, which are central to high school maths, play at best a peripheral role in several branches of pure mathematics. In their place we find a beautifully complex web of theorems, proofs, axioms, and definitions. The Department is home to a large number of internationally renowned mathematicians who conduct original research in many modern areas of pure mathematics, including algebra, analysis, category theory, discrete mathematics, and topology.

The Department of Mathematics and Applied Mathematics offers a major in (Pure) Mathematics, consisting of the following courses:

  1. MAM1000W: Calculus of one variable, introductory linear algebra.

  2. MAM1019H: Fundamentals of modern pure mathematics, including logic, set theory, relations and functions, basic mathematical structures.

  3. MAM2000W: Calculus of several variables, linear algebra, introductory analysis and abstract algebra.

  4. MAM3000W: Metric spaces, analysis, introductory discrete mathematics, abstract algebra.

Further details can be found in the Science Faculty Handbook.

Students who complete a degree with a major in Mathematics with a sufficiently strong academic record may apply for entry to the Department’s Honours Program.